University of London hosts Career Insights event for alumni in Singapore.

The University of London were delighted to return to Singapore in April 2019 after successful engagement events in the region the preceding year. The University of London alumni events provide alumni and supporters the opportunity to learn practical skills and thought-provoking discussions about real world issues.

After a successful start to the week, alumni in Singapore joined us for our Careers Insight event AI and Digital Disruption on the Workplace held at Amity Global Institute, one of UoL's teaching centres in Singapore, which currently teaches our Global MBA and will soon teach our new BSc Computer Science Course.

The event was led by Alex Chan, University of London alumnus and CEO of Babbobox, giving a lively interactive talk about how AI will affect our working lives in the years to come.

This included a demonstration in which Alex tracked the emotions of those in the room (and by extension showed their satisfaction with his talk) by pointing a camera which could focus on faces and record expressions and was displayed in real time in his presentation.

Alex also spoke about what jobs will become obsolete in future and which new jobs will emerge. After the event closed, guests stayed on for more than an hour and a half to talk further with Alex, who graciously gave his time to discuss their interest in his topic.

This year, our week of activities started with a Thought Leadership event, exploring Borderless Issues in a Bordered World, a popular topic which resulted in standing room only. The week continued with the inaugural University of London-SIM Lecture, Blockchain-ging the world: How this new technology might, can, and should affect our future, which was held at SIM Headquarters on 4 April. To read more about this event, please see the full article on London Connection.

To find out more about University of London alumni events in your region, please visit our alumni events webpage.

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Alex Chan, CEO of Babbobox

Alex is a University of London alumnus and successful entrepreneur. He recently caught the world's attention by launching one of the world's most advanced A.I. Video Search Engines. Alex is a pioneer the field of Video Big Data and is regarded as a knowledge leader in this rapidly growing segment. Companies, like Ricoh and P&G, are forming global partnerships with Alex’s team to create various forms of Video AI platforms. Alex has over 20 years of experience in the technology sector and his past work has won international awards. In his spare time, Alex co-authored an Amazon bestselling book series and involves himself in various capacities with organisations like UN Women.