Celebrating Honorary Degrees

The University of London is offering honorary Bachelors of Education to those who hold teaching certificates received from some of the former London area teaching colleges which closed rather than being merged into other institutions.

The seven colleges are: Coloma College of Education, Maria Assumpta Teacher Training College, Sittingbourne College of Education, Nonington College of Physical Education, Stockwell College of Education, Thomas Huxley College, Philippa Fawcett and Furzedown College of Education (including Philippa Fawcett College of Education and Furzedown College of Education).

Please use this form to apply to receive the honorary degree in absentia. If you are able to join us for a ceremony, please apply using the form on this webpage.

Once you complete the form, we'll be in contact with more information. As we will be replying to you personally to confirm your eligibility, please allow time for us to receive your information and check your eligibility.

You can also contact us at honoraryteachingdegrees@london.ac.uk to find out more or ask questions.

For more information please visit the Honorary Teaching Degrees webpage


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Apply to receive an honorary bachelor of education in absentia
Please use the form below to apply to receive the honorary degree in absentia.
Please respond to either question one or two as we will need this information to verify your eligibility.
Questions that require an answer are marked with  *
1 Those eligible for an honorary bachelor of education degree may apply to receive this in absentia in certain circumstances. Please tick the box that applies to you.
2 If other personal circumstances, not related to health or travel, prevent you from attending a ceremony and you would like to receive the degree in absentia, please provide additional information in the box below.
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